No-Code Web Mapping Platform

Powerful and user-friendly web mapping platform. Create, style, and share interactive maps with ease. Visualize data, analyze insights, and captivate your audience. User-friendly interface, customizable maps, supports various data formats. Share maps via links for collaboration and engagement.

Everything You Need to Start Mapping

Geoglify provides all the essential tools for creating visually engaging and interactive maps.

Create and Customize

Effortlessly design and personalize interactive maps with Geoglify's user-friendly interface.

Stunning Visualizations

Transform your data into visually engaging maps that captivate your audience.

Data Variety, No Limits

Geoglify supports multiple data formats, including GPX, KML, GeoJSON, and TopoJSON, giving you flexibility in uploading and visualizing your data.

Seamless Sharing

Share your maps with colleagues, clients, and collaborators via easy-to-generate links, enabling effortless collaboration and feedback.

Engage Your Audience

Communicate your insights effectively with visually striking map styles, customizable colors, and location labels.

Empowering Exploration

Whether you're a data analyst, journalist, or map enthusiast, Geoglify provides the essential tools to unlock the potential of geospatial visualization.